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Third-party applications, or add-on programs, range from e-mail, to mobile office and productivity software. These products don’t typically require enterprise-level deployment and can be downloaded and installed immediately. (This page is not intended as a place for ad copy, so over-the-top descriptions may be edited to preserve the facts.)

  • 1 Free Applications
  • 2 Resellers / Catalogs
  • 3 Commercial Applications
  • 4 Other Services with useful adaptations
  • 5 Wish List

Free Applications

Avot mV allows you to watch/stream videos from YouTube, Google videos, Dailymotion and more video sharing sites.

Orb gives you secure access to your digital media from your home computer through a simple web interface. Stream your live tv, photos, music, and videos to any web-enabled device.

Virtual Earth Mobile uses MSN’s Virtual Earth to display maps and satellite data.

Google Maps for mobile uses Google Maps to display maps and satellite data.

PocketTV Classic is a free MPEG movie player that works well on the Q. Note that Windows Media Player cannot play MPEG (.mpg) video files on mobile devices. Can be installed in the phone without problem.

TCPMP is a free open-source media player for Palm OS-based and Windows CE / Windows Mobile-based devices. Note that you must install to card for error free use on Motorola Q.

zaTelnet is a free Telnet/SSH2 client (SSH1 support not in the Smart Phone version yet) that works with the Q. It even has the ability to send some keystrokes that the Q doesn’t have, such as Ctrl.

zaTunnel is a free SSH Tunnel and port forwarding. Tunneling, or port forwarding, is a way to forward otherwise insecure TCP traffic through SSH channel. You can secure for example POP3, SMTP, Telnet, FTP, VNC and HTTP connections that would otherwise be insecure. You can control not only SSH server but all computers in your intranet network.

zaSFTP sFTP client for Pocket PC and MS Smartphone. You can download/upload files throw security SSH channel.

Latest Vito CopyPaste prerelease is a free small utility for copy or cut the text from an edit box and paste it to another one. [Wiki Admin note: I’ve not been able to figure out how to work this. If anyone has instructions, please post them.]How to use: At any place where editing is possible, just press the centre key for about half a second and a menu will popup indicating weather you would like to ‘cut’ ‘paste’ etc. Just select and you are off.

jb5 Browser is a mobile browser that offers the option to (unlike pocket I.E.) save web pages, and send them as email attachments.

ShoZu is a utility that allows you to subscribe to “ZuCasts”, free media channels that deliver mostly news, it also supports uploading and posting to: Flickr, Blogger (old+new), youTube, Picasa Web, and direct emailing. It also lets you tag you images and view them full screen without changing images like the built in Sideshow does.

TxtMan is a threaded SMS program for Windows Mobile 5.0. It sends and receives text messages SMS and displays the messages as a conversation, like an instant messenger client.

Cellfire allows you to download free coupons on your phone. It enables savvy shoppers to save money when they are dining out, shopping, or just having fun. Consumers have their own set of discounts and offers specific to their geographic locations. Users simply click on the offer they want to use and show it to the store sales person to redeem.

MOBIPOCKET Creator and Reader is FREE e-book software. It enables you (1) to convert content into “prc” format e-books (via MOBIPOCKET Creator on a Windows XP machine), and (2) to read the “prc” e-books on your Moto Q (via MOBIPOCKET Reader). Each “prc” file may be bookmarked multiple times. The direct link to the download section is here. The Creator software does a good job converting HTML and Adobe PDF files into “prc” files (so long as the majority of the text is a simple, one-column format), and an OK job (not perfect) converting TXT files. MOBIPOCKET Reader is by far the best e-book reader software I’ve found for the Moto Q. Project Gutenberg is a great source of free HTML e-books. [1] is a great source of free Christian-themed PDF books (free registration needed to download in PDF format). (My review here refers to Mobipocket eBook Reader 6.2 and Mobipocket Creator 4.2 Publisher Edition.)

Connective Tools Alarm Master is a FREE alarm for the Moto Q. I need special alarm software because (1) the standard calendar appointment alarms are not attention-getting (very short and quiet), and (2) I normally keep my Q in “Silent” mode and need an alarm program capable of overriding Silent mode. “Alarm Master” will play whatever audio file you specify, for as long as you specify, and ignores “Silent” mode by playing loudly regardless. The “free trial” version is very full-featured; its only restriction is that “occurs once” is the only permitted setting (you cannot specify daily, weekly, monthly, etc in the free version). If I outgrow the “occurs once” restriction, I may buy the not-expensive full version, but again, the free version is quite good in many ways.


Resellers / Catalogs

MotoSmartZone has a wide array of Pay-For applications and games that can be used on the Motorola Q. All you need for your Q. News, Reviews, games, software, a source for Q homescreens on the web and more. Q related competitions plus free stuff that you can use on your Motorola Q. There are also regular news items that cover new software as it is launched and also BETA opportunities for software and games.

The Verizon Wireless Mobile Store (powered by Handango) lists only a small number of commercial applications that have been tested and approved by Handango and Verizon. You can also reach this site by pressing the “Download” button on your Verizon Wireless Motorola Q. Note that many more applications and freeware for the Motorola Q are available on the other Resellers / Catalogs listed below.

Handango and Mobihand (and their affiliates) are have hundreds of commercial and free mobile applications that work well on the Motorola Q. Select the “Motorola Q” device on those sites to see only applications compatible with the Q.

Smartphone.netClickApps and also have hundreds of commercial and free mobile applications compatible with Motorola Q.

E-Sword for Pocket PC runs on Windows Mobile 5 as well as other Smartphone, Pocket PC, and PDA OS’, and has many extras that are both free and for fee. An excellent program for those who have a need for access to a Bible in a hurry.

JetPackGames has games for your Moto Q. is the Windows Mobile Division of Magmic Games. Download free trials of many different games and brands.

Concrete Software has games for the Motorola Q and other Windows Mobile handhelds. Concrete Software’s catalog includes games like Aces Texas Hold’em, UNO, Blackjack and 3D Lawn Darts (Wii motion like game). has a collection of the best-of-breed Windows Mobile Standard (read: Motorola Q compatible) applications, games, utilities, hacks, tips. specializes in free software which makes up most of its catalog.

If the Reseller does not have a list of applications identified as “compatible with the Motorola Q”, look for applications that are compatible with Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones, as most of those should work on the Motorola Q. It is suggested to always test the trial version (when available) before purchasing a software.


Commercial Applications

The Resellers / Catalogs listed in the “Resellers / Catalogs” section above have hundreds of commercial applications that work on the Motorola Q.

Sprite Backup is backup software for the Moto Q. Several times now, my Moto Q has become locked to the point where I have needed to “hard reset” it, which unlocks it, but eliminates all of my configuration data. Backup software to restore that config data has been a real time-saver. The Sprite Backup software does a good job of restoring almost all of my config data. The output from the backup software is a self-extracting exe file, which simplifies restoring the config data onto the Moto Q. (Update after several weeks of owning my Moto Q: My phone locks up much less frequently now, probably because I better understand the do’s and don’t’s, but I back up the phone, including the storage card, once per week. Great software.) (Note: Although Sprite Backup offers a free trial version, it is commercial software, not free software.)

SecuBox from Aiko Solutions lets you encrypt Q data and its memory cards. Creates a secure container for all confidential files, protected with strong AES 256-bit encryption.

Documents to Go from Dataviz lets you create and edit Excel, Word, Powerpoint and other MS software files on your Q.

Mobimate offers a suite of handy applications including World Clock, Currency Converter, Flight Status and Satellite Weather Maps. This is a subscription based service and the cost is currently $39.00 a year. A one day trial, can be extended to a two day trial by submitting a valid email address.

Notepad MobileReader MobileCalculator MobilePaint MobileChess MobileCheckers MobileReversi MobileGo MobileExplorer MobileTester Mobile, and Biorhythm Mobile by Orneta are optimized for the Motorola Q. Orneta applications and entertainment titles are theme aware, resolution aware, and orientation aware. The highly regarded Notepad Mobile and Reader Mobile are among the best sellers for the Motorola Q. Install directly from the device @

mVoiceMail from MotionApps – Check office voicemail on your Motorola Q! Many organizations have configured their Unified Messaging (UM) systems to forward incoming voicemails to their employees’ e-mail accounts. With this setup in place, the voicemail server will send an e-mail with attached voicemail file to the person to whom the voicemail is addressed. In order to listen to this voicemail on their Motorola Q devices employees must have software capable of playing those sound files. mVoiceMail will provide that capability for both regular as well as patented codecs.

eXtreme Agenda is a Personal Information Manager for the Windows Mobile Smartphone which replaces the Pocket Outlook Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts along with Notes, Search, and Secure Wallet. Cost is under $25US.

Papyrus and Facade are two great add-ons to the Q. Papyrus is a much better replacement of the Calendar and Tasks applications built into Windows Mobile for Smartphone 5.0. Facade is a utility for customizing your home screen. Cost of either is under $20US.

Excel Compatible Spreadsheet Spreadsheet for Motorola Q. Features: Microsoft Office Excel & Pocket Excel compatibility, macros, charts, data validation, dropdown boxes, outline etc.

Text Editor Text Editor, note taker etc. for Motorola Q.

Sling Media is the developer of the Sling Box, which provides the capability to view video from your home televion (or any video source) over a network connection. Utilizing the Sling Mobile application, the same video can be viewed over the air on the Motorola Q.

XM Radio Mobile provides access to your XM Radio account via the Motorola Q. Requires either a standard XM Radio account or a online XM Radio account (~US$7.50/month).

PocketTV Enterprise Ed. is an optimized commercial MPEG movie player that works well on the Q. Note that Windows Media Player cannot play MPEG (.mpg) video files on mobile devices.

SplashID provides a “secure wallet” for storage of pins, account information, user names, passwords, etc. In addition to being a smartphone program, SplashID has a Windows desktop application, and data can be kept in sync between them using ActiveSync.

PDANET This software allows your Windows computer to go online by connecting to your Motorola Q through the ActiveSync cable/dock, Bluetooth or InfraRed.

OggSync Synchronizes Pocket Outlook with Google Calendar. Free version can handle a single calendar with manually-triggered synchronization; paid (Pro) version synchronizes multiple Google Calendars and can be set to automatically sync at regular intervals.

Watchflag scans incoming email and text messages and alerts you based on rules you define. This allows for distinct sms and email tones based on sender, subject, importance level and account. In addition, Watchflag can light the display, vibrate, flash the camera’s LED, and display an “acknowledge” screen.


Other Services with useful adaptations

Google Documents (web application) cannot be edited on the Q, however this can be a very handy way for maintaining login access-controlled documents that you want to be able to view anywhere (and edit from any PC). It’s useful for things like shopping lists, or better bookmark collections than the Explorer huge font ‘Favorites’. 1) Create the document on a PC. 2) Click the ‘Preview’ link. 3) mail the preview URL to your Q and bookmark it. At that point you have a read/write bookmark on the PC, and a read-only bookmark on the Q, it’s easy to maintain a private scratchpad you can view anywhere. (On the Q you can even create a speed-dial shortcut to go straight to it.)


Wish List

This is a listing of applications that would be great to see on the Motorola Q:

  • Secure Shell application (putty doesn’t install). (EDIT See zaTelnet)
  • An application to manage the contact list on the Q outside of Outlook.
  • A remote control program using the built in IR Port.
  • A threaded SMS application. (EDIT TxtMan works with the latest MOL version)
  • A bluetooth “sniper” or chat application
  • An application to Filter incomming and outgoing calls.

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