Synching your Q

You can synchronize the information on your phone in two ways, over the air (OTA) or using a cable and your computer in a tethered solution.

  • 1 Sync Over the Air
  • 2 Sync With a PC Computer
    • 2.1 Installing and Setting Up ActiveSync
    • 2.2 Synchronizing Via a Cable Connection
    • 2.3 Synchronizing Via Bluetooth
    • 2.4 Synchronizing Via Infrared
  • 3 Sync With an Apple Macintosh
    • 3.1 Missing Sync
    • 3.2 Pocketmac
  • 4 Downloading Files From a Computer or the Internet

Sync Over the Air

To sync your phone over the air (OTA) you must sync it directly with your company’s Microsoft Information Server or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. For more information about this set-up see Additional Information and the Motorola Q Support website at:

Note: You can also contact your system administrator to set up this synchronization.

If you configure for your Exchange 2003 SP2 server and receive a support status code of 0x85010004, you will not be able to resolve the issue until Motorola/Verizon releases the MSFP (Microsoft Security and Features Pack) for the Q. The status code seems to be related to the use of security certificates on the Exchange server and the phone’s requirment(?) to validate the certificate. The MSFP is a phone-specific upgrade; there is no generic version you can download into the phone. Until the MSFP is available for the Motorola Q phone, syncing w/ Exchange 2003 SP2 over the air will not be possible.

Verizon is currently offering Verizon Wireless Sync as an alternative option. This requires you to install a piece of software on your desktop which will connect to the Verizon servers whenever your desktop receives email in Outlook. Once Verizon has your email, it will send a SMS msg to your phone. The SMS msg tells the phone to go pick up your email from Verizon’s servers. The drawback of the process is that you need to have a 2nd PC running 24/7 to forward your email.

As a side note, the Motorola Q is currently (6/15/2006) featured on the MS home page for Windows Mobile 5.0 touting “Over the Air” wireless syncing.


Sync With a PC Computer

Note: For information about connections (Bluetooth®, VPN, and web browser) see network connections.

You can use Microsoft® ActiveSync® version 4.1 or above to synchronize information between your phone and desktop computer. ActiveSync compares your phone’s contact information, calendar appointments, e-mail messages, and media files to those on your computer and then updates to the most recent information.


Installing and Setting Up ActiveSync

To synchronize information on your phone with a PC, you must install Microsoft ActiveSync software on your computer.

Caution: Verify the minimum requirements for your computer and the operating system on the CD-ROM sleeve or Microsoft Mobile Phone website ( before installing the software.

Note: If you do not have a CD-ROM, you can download the latest ActiveSync software from the Microsoft Windows Mobile website (

  1. Install ActiveSync on your PC.
  2. After setup completes, connect your phone to the PC. The phone drivers install on your computer and then the Sync Setup Wizard automatically starts.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the wizard.

Note: You can configure an Exchange Server connection to synchronize directly with Exchange Server and Outlook e-mail clients.

The Sync Setup Wizard will prompt you for the name of the Exchange Server, your user name, password, and domain name. If you don’t have this information available, you can contact your company’s system administrator to setup your phone or see Additional Information on and the Motorola Q Support website at: .

When you finish the wizard, ActiveSync starts to synchronize automatically with your phone. Once synchronization completes, you can disconnect your phone from your PC.


Synchronizing Via a Cable Connection

Once ActiveSync is installed on your PC, you can connect it to your phone and sync.

  1. Turn on the phone.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable.


Note: For more detailed information, see “Connecting a mobile device to a PC” in ActiveSync Help on your PC or the Microsoft Web Site for ActiveSync.

Troubleshooting: If the PC is unable to connect to the Q then reboot the PC and the Q (power down the Q and remove battery for 1 minute, then power up).


Synchronizing Via Bluetooth

Once ActiveSync is installed on your PC, you can connect it to your phone and sync via Bluetooth.

Note: In order to use this feature, your PC must be equipped with Bluetooth or a Bluetooth PC adaptor accessory.

  1. Follow the instructions in ActiveSync Help for configuring Bluetooth on your PC to support ActiveSync. Depending on your OS level, you may have a “Bluetooth Configuration Panel” instead of the “Bluetooth Devices Control Panel” described in ActiveSync Help (May 25, 2006), in which case your “Incoming” connection exists on the “Local Services” tab and is already associated with the “Bluetooth Serial Port” service.
  2. Turn on the phone.
  3. On your phone, verify that Bluetooth is turned on (Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Settings. Toggle Status to Bluetooth On).
  4. Press Start > ActiveSync.
  5. Select Menu > Connect via Bluetooth and add the PC. Ensure that the phone and PC are within close range.
  6. If this is the first time you have connected to this PC via Bluetooth, you must complete the Bluetooth wizard on the phone and set up a Bluetooth partnership with the PC before synchronizing.
  7. Select Sync.
  8. When finished, select Menu > Disconnect Bluetooth.
  9. To preserve battery power on your phone, turn off Bluetooth.

Synchronizing Via Infrared

Once ActiveSync is installed on your PC, you can connect it to your phone and sync via infrared.

Note: To use this feature, your PC must be equipped with infrared capability.

  1. Follow the instructions in ActiveSync Help on the PC for setting up your PC to receive infrared signals.
  2. Turn on the phone.
  3. On your phone, verify that IR is turned on (Press Start > Settings > Connections > Beam and select Receive incoming beams).
  4. Line up the infrared (IR) port on your phone and PC so that they are unobstructed and within close range.
  5. Press Start > ActiveSync.
  6. Select Menu > Connect via IR.
  7. Select Sync.

Sync With an Apple Macintosh

Here are some synchronization applications for the Mac that will work with the Motorola Q smartphone.


Missing Sync

• Support for Mac OS X Tiger

• Synchronize with Address Book & iCal

• Synchronize with Microsoft Entourage 2004

• Contacts, Dates & Tasks

• Connect via USB cable/dock, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

• Mount your Pocket PC on the Mac OS X Desktop

• Import/export images with iPhoto

• Send/receive email and surf the web

• SyncMinder™ reminds you to sync

• Install Pocket PC apps in CAB format

• Includes AvantGo client

• Includes SplashPhoto Viewer

• Plugin architecture supports future additions

Requires: Version 2.0 registration code; requires Mac OS X 10.4.5 “Tiger” or later; can be installed over an existing 2.0.x install. Supports Windows Mobile 5 devices Universal application for Intel & PowerPC Macs Now supports both USB and Bluetooth connections. Missing Sync Download Page




Requires: Mac OS X 10.3 Panther/10.4 Tiger 1 Available USB slot (or Bluetooth capabilities) 24 MB of available disk space Entourage/iCal/Address Book/etc. for sync features Please note: PocketMac® Phone Edition can be installed on up to 2 Macs. Pocketmac Download Page


Downloading Files From a Computer or the Internet

  • Click here for information on downloading from a computer or the Internet.

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