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Why a Wiki?

Because the possible applications for the Q are always expanding, the “ideal user guide” would always grow and change. That can’t happened on paper. With your help, this wiki can capture and share the ever-growing knowledge of the greater community of Q users. Frankly, Motorola can’t possibly know how the Q will work in all situations – who could? But we love our Q users and want to learn from them, help them, and make our products better in the future. Even the best user guides have limitations:

  • They’re incomplete
  • No one will read it if it’s too long; short manuals only cover the basics
  • As devices become more complex, the manual becomes less effective
  • They’re unalterable; mistakes cannot be corrected; content cannot be added
  • They’re not searchable; even a TOC and index won’t guarantee that you can find what you need
  • They’re one-way conversations; you can’t propose solutions or explore alternatives

A wiki, however, can grow with the device. Wiki users:

  • can access support from a broad user community, which will have direct experience with a wide range of applications and environments
  • can edit, correct and add onto any entry – or add completely new entries
  • can turn any word into a link to relevant content
  • can annotate and cross-reference entries to make them easier to find

Working together, we can push the envelope of the Q’s capabilities.

House Rules

We’d like to make sure your experience in the Q wiki is a professional and productive one. Please take a moment to read through these guidelines for participating:

  • It’s about features and functions: This wiki is designed to store and organize information on how to enable and use Q features and functions. We encourage you to learn from others, and share your expertise.
  • It’s not about “unlocking” your phone. We do not support “how do I unlock this phone” or “free unlocking” type posts.
  • It’s not about software piracy: Any content containing registration key/serial numbers, cracks, warez or direct links relating to pirated software will automatically be removed, as will requests and offers for copyrighted material.
  • Stay on-topic: The moderators will remove any comments that stray from the subject at hand, including unsolicited ads and promotions. Ads, solicitations or other commercial messages will be allowed in specially designated community areas.
  • Respect the views of others. We encourage discussions, debates and even arguments, but those belong on the discussion tabs, not in article. Please share your thoughts politely and constructively. Content that is abusive, vulgar, racist, slanderous, harassing or otherwise objectionable, or anonymous criticism of specific companies, will not be tolerated and will be removed.
  • Take responsibility: You are responsible for the content of any messages you post in our community.
  • Use your head: We hope our site provides you with a wealth of information from fellow community members. However, don’t take everything on our wiki as gospel. Be careful not to post confidential business information – our forum is a public place, so don’t say anything here that you wouldn’t say in an elevator. Q wiki postings do not represent the professional advice or opinions of the Motorola Q team. The results of any actions you take based on the advice you find in this wiki are your responsibility alone.
  • Be fair: When using the discussion sections, please refrain from random bashing or unfair comments. Your opinions are respected by your peers and can impact their thoughts and actions.

We hope it’s never necessary, but we reserve the right to remove anyone who violates these guidelines from our online community. We also try to correct erroneous information when possible, but most answers will come from fellow support forum members, who have a wealth of information to share.

Moderated Site

This site regularly monitored to enhance our knowledgebase. This means that messages are first reviewed by a moderator and screened for inappropriate content. For example, inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, anything that is unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, profane, or any other material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under the law. Motorola reserves the right to disallow any messages that are determined to be inappropriate. We do not necessarily screen content for accuracy, so again, remember to use postings at your own risk, and post material only when you are confident in its accuracy.

Q-Pert Program

A “Q-Pert” is a featured member in the Motorola Support Forums and wiki who’s an expert with the Q and active in sharing his or her expertise with the rest of the community. Here are the general guidelines we use to select Motorola Q-Perts. If you or someone you know in these forums deserves to be featured, please let us know!

  • Are active contributors. Motorola Q-Perts are passionate, experienced Motorola users who are generous in sharing their unique product expertise. They also take a few moments to make sure they’re communicating their responses and follow-up feedback to their fellow Motorola users clearly and effectively. They also routinely aid users by passing along links to other Motorola resources.
  • Are welcoming to new users of the site. While newbie questions can be familiar to experienced product users, Motorola Q-Perts are happy to meet all users — even newcomers, as they know that everyone has to start somewhere, and that the person you help today may end up assisting you with something else tomorrow.
  • Respect all users. Motorola Q-Perts always adhere to the House Rules and never do anything to disrupt the forums or wiki experience for another user. They also refrain from participating in flame wars or online disputes with other users.
  • Have experience to burn. The most valuable site contributors are ones who have deep knowledge of their Motorola Q or know how to ask the right questions to help another user identify his or her issue.
  • Are lifelong learners. Motorola Q-Perts often visit and the Q forums and wiki just to keep abreast of new issues they may run across in the future or to pick up new tips that help them use their Motorola products to play or work even smarter. They’re also always on the lookout for interesting content or user feedback that Motorola could benefit from in developing their current and new products.

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