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The MOTO Q is a Windows-based mobile phone and e-mail device that fits in your pocket. Fully tricked-out, it can duplicate many of the functions of a computer, including MS document processing, handling business and personal e-mail, accessing the Internet, playing music and more.

Because the possible applications for the MOTO Q will always expand, the “ideal” user guide would also be able to grow and change. This wiki is an attempt to do that. It’s a place to capture and share the knowledge of the greater community of MOTO Q users. If, for example, you have added a new application to your MOTO Q, you could post instructions on how you did it here, for the benefit of all MOTO Q users.

This site has been established by Motorola for the use of MOTO Q users. It has been seeded with the contents of the in-box user guide. Additional content will be provided by MOTO Q users as they explore the MOTO Q’s capabilities.

Please note:

  • Content and instructions have not been verified by Motorola. Use all of the information here at your own risk.
  • Wikis operate under “Linus’ law” (named for Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux): “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” More formally: “Given a large enough beta-tester and co-developer base, almost every problem will be characterized quickly and the fix obvious to someone.“ In practice, that means that users like you can and should correct and expand the information found here. Over time, accurate instructions will emerge and mistakes and problems will be corrected.
  • Motorola will review the site regularly for content that violates the intended spirit and House Rules of the wiki. You can find a list here, but there are three basic categories of no-nos. One is rude or uncivil postings, including profanity, hate speak or other offensive content. Another is off-topic posts or commentary or opinion posted in the “article” sections of the wiki. Commentary and opinion can be properly posted under the “discussion” tabs on the top of each page. The other category is hacking instructions or other illegal or inappropriate practices. These types of postings will be removed.

If you have questions that are not answered here, we recommend that you click over to the Q Support Forum, where you can post questions. Additional information about the MOTO Q can be found here.

Getting Started

  • To add or edit content, simply create an account and accept the site conditions and rules.
  • For directions on the nuts and bolts of editing or adding to site content, click here.
  • To learn more about this wiki, click here.

Software Updates

MOTO Q owners will occasionally have the opportunity to update their device software. Owners can register on the Motorola Software Update site and will then be notified when new updates are available.

The first update for the MOTO Q was released to all users on August 30, 2006 and made available to current MOTO Q users at or click here. Instructions for conducting the download are found on the download site and here on the wiki. Please add your tips and suggestions.

New Sprint Q

All information about the Q applies to both Sprint and Verizon Qs. Some differences may exist from Q to Q based on which software version the Q is running. (See the item above on Software Updates for the Q.) The Sprint Q is shipping with “MOL 2” software.

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