Managing Music

Media Player

You can use Windows Media Player Mobile for Smartphone to play digital audio and video files that are stored on your phone or on the Web.

By default, Windows Media Player Mobile can play the following types of files: Windows Media Audio (WMA), Windows Media Video (WMV), and Motion Picture Experts Group-2 Audio Layer-3 (MP3).

Find it:Press Start > Windows Media

  • To play or pause a music or video file, press Enter (enterkey.gif).
  • To skip to the previous or next file, press the navigation key (navkeyfont.gif) left or right.
  • To increase or decrease the volume, press the navigation key (navkeyfont.gif) up or down or use the thumbwheel.

Tip: If you need to turn the sound off, press number.gif.

  • To switch to full screen video playback, press 0.gif.
  • To fast forward or rewind, press and hold the navigation key (navkeyfont.gif) left or right.

Tip: Do you want to play a song or video on the Internet or network? Use the Open URL command. From the Library screen press Menu > Open URL (if you need to get to the Library screen, in Windows Media, press Menu > Library). For more information about downloading or copying video files see download and copy media files].

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