Advanced Calling

Turn Off a Call Alert

You can turn the thumb wheel to turn off the ringer before answering the call.


Recent Calls

Your phone keeps a list of incoming and outgoing calls, even for calls that didn’t connect. The most recent calls are listed first. The oldest calls are deleted as new calls are added.

Find it:Press Start > Call History

  1. Highlight a call.
  • To call the number, press the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif).
  • To see call details (like time and date), press the center select key centerselectkeyfont.gif.
  • To see Menu Options, press Menu from the Call History screen. This menu includes:


Find Contact Find this phone number in your Contacts.
Send Text Message Send a text message to this phone number.
E-mail Send an e-mail message to this Contact.
View Timers View the call times for this call and all calls.
Delete/Delete List Delete this call from the Call History.
Save to Contacts Save this number to a Contact.
Filter Filter all calls in the Call History list. Filtering calls allows you to group calls in a specific matter. For example, if you filter the list for all Missed Calls, all the incoming phone calls that you did not answer will be listed first.



  1. Press the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif) from the Home Screen to see the dialed calls list.
  2. Highlight the entry you want to call, then press the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif).

networkconnect.gif If you hear a busy signal and you see Call Failed, Number Busy, press the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif) or the RETRY key to redial the number. When the call goes through, your phone rings or vibrates one time, displays Redial Successful, and connects the call.


iew Missed Call

Your phone keeps a record of your unanswered calls.

  1. Press Start > Call History.
  2. Press Menu > Filter > Missed Calls.

Caller ID

networkconnect.gif Calling line identification (caller ID) shows the phone number for an incoming call on your Home Screen.

Your phone shows the caller’s name and picture when they’re stored in your phonebook, or Incoming Call when caller ID information isn’t available.

You can set your phone to play a distinctive ringer ID for specific entries stored in your phonebook (see set ringer ID for a contact).


Call Waiting

This section is dependant upon the Call Waiting option being enabled on your service from the carrier.

While in a call and a secondary call is received, you have the option to put the initial call on hold and answer the secondary call. To answer the secondary call, press the call/answer key and the primary call will be placed on hold. To toggle back and forth between the two callers, press the green call/answer key. Pressing the end key will hang up the caller to which you are currently connected to. After a short delay, your phone will ring, re-connecting the caller on hold if they are still on the line. Typically, it is best to toggle to the desired caller and allow the other caller to hang up on you.

To postpone answering the call, press Ignore. The call is placed in voicemail.


Conference Calling

This section is dependant upon the Call Waiting option being enabled on your service from the carrier.

While in a call and a secondary call is received, you have the option to combine the two calls in a conference. You may also create a conference by dialing a number while you are on a phone call. Place your first call as usual, then dial the second number and press the green call/answer key again. When your second call connects, immediately press the green call/answer key again to connect and conference both calls. To conference with a secondary call, press the call/answer key when you receive a phone call. When the other phone answers, immediately press the green call/answer key again. Your callers will be placed into conference.


Emergency Calls

Your service provider programs one or more emergency phone numbers, such as 911 or 112, that you can call under any circumstances, even when your phone and keypad are locked.

Note: Emergency numbers vary by country. Your phone’s preprogrammed emergency number(s) may not work in all locations, and sometimes an emergency call cannot be placed due to network, environmental, or interference issues.

  1. Press the keypad keys to dial the emergency number.
  2. Press the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif) to call the emergency number.

International Calls

networkconnect.gif If your phone service includes international dialing, press and hold 0 to insert your local international access code (indicated by +). Then, press the keypad keys to dial the country code and phone number.


Speed Dial

You can use speed dialing in two ways: quick access for up to 98 phone numbers and shortcuts to features found in the Start menu including e-mail, calendar, and Bluetooth Manager. To access speed dial entries, press and hold the single-digit speed dial number for one second. If the speed dial is two digits, press the first digit, then press and hold the second digit. The phone dials the phone number, opens a new e-mail message, or goes to the Web page.


phone numbers

You can set the speed dial to call the entries in your phone’s contact list:

  1. Press Start > Contacts.
  2. Scroll to the desired contact and press the center select key (centerselectkeyfont.gif).
  3. Select the phone number, e-mail address, or web page for which to create the speed dial.
  4. Press Menu > Add to Speed Dial.
  5. In the Keypad Assignment, select the speed dial number to use.
  6. Press Done.

Note: Speed dial 1 is reserved for calling your voicemail.

Note: To delete a speed dial, press Start > Speed dial > [entry] > Menu > Delete.


menu shortcuts

You can set a shortcut speed dial to open an application on your phone:

  1. Press Start.
  2. Scroll to the icon of the application you want a shortcut for and press Menu > Add to Speed Dial.
  3. In the Keypad Assignment, select the speed dial number to use.
  4. Press Done.

Note: To delete a shortcut, press Start > Speed dial > [entry] > Menu > Delete.



networkconnect.gif Your network stores the voicemail messages you receive. To listen to your messages, call your voicemail number.

Note: Your service provider may include additional information about using this feature.

When you receive a voicemail message, your phone displays the voicemail message indicator newmsgvoice.gif and New Voicemail.

To check voicemail messages:

Press and hold the 1.gif key.

Note: You can store a p (pause), w (wait), or n (number) character in your voicemail number followed your password to avoid having to manually enter your password everytime. Press Start > Settings > Call Options. If your password is 1234, change ‘Voice mail number’ to *86pp1234#


Three-way Calling

While connected to a call:

  1. Place your current call on hold by pressing the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif).
  2. Enter the number of the other person you wish to connect to a three-way call and press the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif).
  3. Once you are connected to the other phone, you can press and hold the Call/Answer key (callkeyfont.gif) for two seconds to connect both calls.

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