Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth® Wireless

Your phone supports Bluetooth wireless pairing (also called linking or bonding). You can pair your phone with a Bluetooth headset or car kit, or pair your phone with a computer to exchange and synchronize files.

Note: The use of wireless devices and their accessories may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. Always obey the laws and regulations on the use of these products.



Turn Bluetooth Power On or Off

If Bluetooth Power is On, your phone can automatically pair with the handsfree device you have used before. Just turn on the device or move it near the phone.

To turn Bluetooth on: Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Settings then toggle Status to Bluetooth ON.

The Bluetooth indicator displays in the Home Screen.

Note: To extend battery life, use the previous procedure to set Bluetooth Power to OFF when not in use. Your phone will not pair with devices until you set Bluetooth Power back to ON and pair your phone with the devices again.



Pair With a Headset or Handsfree Device

Before you try to pair your phone with a device, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth power is on and the device is on and ready in pairing or bonding mode (see the device user’s guide). You can pair your phone with multiple devices, but only use it with one headset device at a time.

Your phone lists the devices it finds within range.

  1. Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Hands-free.
  2. Put the device (handsfree headset, stereo headset, keyboard, etc.) in pairing mode.
  3. Press Add. The phone prompts you to verify your device is ready. Press Search.
  4. Select the device from the list.
  5. If prompted, enter the device passkey (such as 0000) and press the Accept key.

When the devices are paired, an icon appears on the Home Screen in the Bluetooth Task Tray.

Tip: For specific information about the Bluetooth device you are using with your phone, refer to the instructions that came with it.



Send Objects to Another Device

networkconnect.gif You can use Bluetooth pairing to send Outlook e-mail, contacts, tasks, calendar items, audio, ring tones, pictures, video, and voice notes from your phone to a computer or other device.

  1. Press Start > Bluetooth > BT Send Object.
  2. Select the object type and object you want to send.
  3. To select an item, press the center select key (centerselectkeyfont.gif).
  4. Press Send.
  5. Select the name of the device to send the file.
  6. To cancel sending an item, press Menu > Cancel.


Advanced Bluetooth Features


networkconnect.gif make phone visible to other device

Allow a Bluetooth device to discover your phone:

Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Settings > Allow other Bluetooth devices to see this phone

networkconnect.gif connect to recognized device

Connect to a recognized handsfree device:

Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Hands-free > device name

networkconnect.gif drop pairing with device

Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Hands-free > device name > Disconnect

networkconnect.gif send object to device

Send an object to another device:

Press Start > Bluetooth > BT Send Object

networkconnect.gif edit device properties / change device name

Edit the properties of a recognized device:

Press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Hands-free > device name > Menu > Properties > Nickname

Note: To change the Bluetooth name of your phone, press Start > Bluetooth > Bluetooth Manager > Settings and enter the name in My Bluetooth name.



Synching Your Q Via Bluetooth

You can find information on synching your Q via Bluetooth here.

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